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Omega IT Technology is not just another CCTV Installation Services company that will disappear in less than a year. We have been serving the commercial industry and businesses with surveillance related products for nearly ten years at the same location.

Let Omega IT Technology help you with any of your CCTV Installation services. Our surveillance experts will design the perfect security solution that will protect your house or any business 24/7.

We have been based Mumbai for the last 10 years and serve all of Maharastra and Gujarat with CCTV Installation Services. Having the right security contractor design and install your surveillance cameras and related products is crucial to knowing that it will be done perfectly and on time. Thoroughly satisfying our clients is our only goal.

Providing 10 Years of Quality CCTV
Installation Services in Maharastra and Gujarat


Need not to compromise with less when it comes to the protection of your house or office with a professional Access Control System. 


Using CCTV cameras and closed-circuit television is the best solution to transmit limited video signals to be viewed on specific devices.



The most secured and accurate structured cable installation, we have been the inspiration for many! We have more than 15 years of experience


We are service oriented cooperation in Maharastra, Gujarat that specializes in ensuring the security of your house or office premises with the use of technologically advanced solutions. We deal with the most apt gadgets and devices that certainly uplift the standard of our service. Below is the extended list of our services that we provide in Maharastra just in order to increase the standard of security and safety.



Business & Residential

We ensure the extreme level of security for your business or residential premises with our advanced devices.


CCTV Security Services

We have the skilled and qualified staffs to install the advanced security systems in your preferred areas.


Access Control

Advanced locking system does assure the safety of your house and office. Here you will explore some of the best examples of that.


Alarm Systems

Being informed just at the right moment can prevent the mess and that’s what our object is by providing the best alarm systems.


Our security service is available for 24 hours and 7 days of a week! Whenever you feel the urge of having advanced security set ups for your office or house or any other place, we will be tight there within no time.

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